User Interface & ECommerce Designer 

Strong knowledge of Human-machine Interaction (HMI), Design Theory, UI, UX, Data Visualization, Information Architecture, Physics, & Behavioral Psychology.


User Interface Design (GUI)

I build Graphical User Interfaces for the Energy, Medical, and Educational sectors. From research to execution, I can handle the design process from end to end.

E-Commerce Websites Design

I help provide businesses the needs the better suit them in order to create their online business store. Whether it was a self hosted website or a service like Shopify.

Project Management & Trainings

Sometimes business owners hire me to manage a group of remote designers, mainly freelancers. And give teams a proper training on specific topics.


Recent Projects

Personal projects

15-Days website challenge – August 2018

Challenged myself for two weeks (15 Days) to build 15 websites, which is a website/day and learn 15 new skill during website building process.

Whatsapp re-design for visual impairment conditions

“With 4.5% of the global population experiencing color blindness, 4% suffering from low vision, and another 0.6% being blind, visual difficulties with using the web are more prevalent than you might appreciate”


graphic design

8 Years of Experience

UX Design

3 Years of Experience

Web Design

6 Years of Experience